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Let's see, how to begin.....

My love of Styx started right around the time of the Paradise Theater album, maybe a little before. My sister Marni is the one who introduced me to them. I remember her showing me a pic of Tommy Shaw and saying "Don't you think he's cute?" I fell in love. Then I heard the music and I was hooked for life.

I guess I was in 5th grade at this time. I remember my parents buying the Paradise Theater LP for me and we thought something was wrong with it. My dad was going to return it to the store because it had a "weird" discoloration on the back. LOL. Then we realized it was a very very nice picture and supposed to be there. My first concert was that year in Lakeland. Marni took me (thanks sis!). What a wonderful time that was!

Several years passed by, and when I was in 9th grade, we had plans to go to the "Kilroy" tour. I was soooo excited. We had a trip planned to Ft Lauderdale to go to a Tampa Bay Rowdies game, but we were coming straight back for the concert. As I was getting off the school bus a couple of weeks prior to the concert, Marni was waiting for me. "Quick get in the car. Tommy Shaw is at the radio station!" I never moved so fast in my whole life! hehe. Our mom worked 1 block away from our local rock station of the time, and she had heard on the radio that Tommy was there. Marni drove me across town, and when we got there HE was in the parking lot. Oh my heart. I jumped out and ran up to him asking for an autograph (didn't even see my mom standing nearby). He said sure and asked my name. I told him "Heather" and he said "Oh your mom just got you an autograph". ARRRGGGHHHH. So I quickly said "Ok, can you sign one for my friend Vicky" I had to have him sign SOMETHING in my presence. Then I found out that my mom had told him what a fanatic I am, how she had to cut her vacation to Ft. Lauderdale short to bring me back up for the concert. I think I turned beat red. But it didn't matter. I was in LOVE!

Over the years I didn't get to see as many concerts. Life intruded, and then one day, Marni brought me home again. She called and told me she had tickets to see Styx in Atlanta at the Volunteers for America concert. I hadn't realized how much I was missing Styx from my life. Now I know. I've found Styx again, and I'm not going to lose them this time!

- Kasumi (Heather)

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My wife Mary and I, and our good friends Steve and Ronni, flew from Seattle and did the 2000 New Years Eve Styx show in Reno, and it was absolutely the "Best of Times"!! After the show, we hooked up with fellow Stygians Glenn and Elaine and partied the night away, and everyone agreed this had to be the best New Years ever.

The next morning at the airport, we couldn't believe it when we looked over at the slot machines and there was Tommy and Jeanne dropping in a few quarters while waiting for their flight. Not known for my shyness, I went over and asked for an autograph, and he graciously obliged and then asked if we had a camera. Luckily, Mary had the new camera I gave her for Christmas, and Jeanne begin to snap away as we all reeled in disbelief. I took one final shot of TS and Jeanne while walking away, and I wish somehow I could send it to them 'cause it's so great.

What a perfect ending to an awesome weekend, and THANK YOU Tommy and Jeanne for your kindness and patience - We will never forget it!

- Gary

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I first heard Styx when I was about 10 years old back in the early eighties. Paradise Theatre was the first album I listened to over and over. I remember thinking how cute Tommy was. MTV was at its best, playing full concerts of Styx, Journey, Rush and many other 80's bands. Then came Michael Jackson...Styx broke up and was soon forgotten.

Fifteen years later, after a bad marriage and a beautiful daughter, I found myself sitting at my computer trying to think of what made me happy before I was married. Concerts!! I was an avid concert goer from 1985-1995, and stopped when I got married because he didn't like large crowds. So there I was, sitting at the computer, and I decided to look up Ticketmaster to see if there were any good concerts in the area. I flipped through all of my CDs, and came across Paradise Theatre, which I purchased from Columbia House, you know, twelve CDs for a penny? Anyway, I typed in "Styx", and sure enough they were coming in October of 1999. I purchased tickets, and when I went to see them, I was bummed that Dennis wasn't there at first, and that the only two originals were JY and Tommy. As as soon as the first song started, though, I was completely amazed and extremely in awe. I have been hooked ever since. Tommy was as cute as ever!

The new line up is incredible! All of them radiate such energy that one can get easily mesmerized. NEVER has a band made me feel so wonderful! Just listening to them and seeing them live is the topper (words cannot describe!) I have now been to 12 concerts with more in the works. They have truly brought joy to my life. My daughter and my mother are now Styx fans and travel with me to most of the shows. Styx has touched the hearts of 3 generations, and we look forward to seeing the next show!

- Michelle

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I was an overweight 13 year old with very few friends trying to keep alive in 7th grade. Many of the old grade school friends I had went to different schools, and those that didn't had changed. Many were trouble makers and those that weren't had gotten into the heavy metal scene. I had been raised listening to country (YUK!) and had a pretty good singing voice.

But one day, this one kid whom I knew pretty well wanted to buy some candy at the student council’s Friday candy sale, but he didn't have any money. He tried to get me to give him some money, but I refused. Then he offered to sell me this one cassette tape he had for a dollar. I knew one song on it, and agreed. The tape was Styx's “Caught in the Act”. The song I knew was Mr. Roboto from the radio the year before. I really didn't know the song very well, but for a dollar, what the heck.

At first I didn't like the heavy guitar riffs that JY put on songs like Miss America, but that passed by the next year. Soon, I was singing every song on that live album. I learned my vibrato by singing with Dennis! He had inspired me to take up singing.

When I went into 9th grade, I had a part time job and spent most of my money buying Styx albums on cassette. It seemed that for every road block in my life, they had a song that made everything all right. The only problem was, they had split up in 1983 with the release of “Caught in the Act”! I had been too late. But I was hooked! I wanted more. I bought records, cassettes, and even 8-tracks.

All through high school, I was a Styx fanatic. I sang in the choir as a tenor, and became extremely good at it. My choir director was impressed by my ability to sing with a vibrato at such an early age. I told him why, and soon he was listening to the “Grand Illusion” album himself!

In 1990, I was looking through the "S" Section of the local music store's cassette collection and found a Styx album I didn't have. It's title was “Edge of the Century”. When I realized it was a new release and that the band was back together, I went weak in the knees and nearly keeled over! My future wife was with me and caught me just as I went down!

I saw them in concert that year with Glen Burtnik. Seeing them live really fused their artistry for me. They were incredible!

I'm 30 today, married to a wonderful wife, and have a terrific 6 year old daughter. (She can really sing a good "Come Sail Away"!) I own every Styx album they have ever cut. I have them on Vinyl, Cassette, CD, and even a couple of 8-tracks. I have seen them in concert five times, and two of those are with the "new" line up. I can't wait for their next release, but I can't help but miss what Dennis would have brought to the table. I have become a bigger fan of James Young in the past few years. I am just happy that they are back once again.

I set up a club through Yahoo last year called Styx Forever to honor the band. I don't know about you, but I sure am tired of the band bashers hammering on the new line up and the whole Dennis situation. Sure, I want them the way they were, but am satisfied to just have them around again.

- James

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Well, the first time I can remember hearing a Styx song was in 1977 with "Come Sail Away". I loved the song even though back then I did not know who Styx was. I was in the 6th grade.

I had been exposed to rock-n-roll from an early age. I remember being 3 and 4 years old and listening to The Beatles, Sam The Sham and the Pharoes, Leapy Lee, Herman’s Hermits and the like with my mom. My taste for rock music has never subsided over the years.

In 1978-1980 my favorite band was KISS. Even though this band is still very much in my blood today, the first time I heard "Borrowed Time" in 1980, I was hooked on Styx!! I went to a local record store and bought all the Styx albums that were available up to "Cornerstone" including some of the Wooden Nickel releases. I was amazed that I could not find any song on any of these albums I did not like. And I learned that "Come Sail Away" as well as several other songs I have heard and admired over the radio the last few years were also Styx songs. Styx became my #1 group and this has remained unchanged.

I went in 1983 to Lakeland, Florida and saw the "Kilroy Was Here" concert. It was AWESOME!! I knew all the words to all the songs and sang along and had a wonderful time. I still have the program I bought and it's still in new condition.

I was sad when Styx broke up right after the release of "Caught In The Act" and I followed Dennis, Tommy and JY in their solo careers. In retrospect now, sometimes I am glad the band broke up. Songs like "Girls with Guns", "Boomchild" and "City Slicker" might never have seen the light of day and I enjoy these songs very much as well as many of the other songs the three have released on their own.

Of course, I was very excited when "Edge of the Century" came out and was able to find a copy of the album on vinyl! And equally excited when they had a re-union tour in 1996. They actually played in my town twice during that tour, about 5 months apart, and I saw them live both times!

And now this brings me to the present. I have 2 tickets in my hand to see them live on March 17th 2002 and I can't wait for the concert. I was able to find an autographed copy of "Cornerstone" signed by Dennis, JY, Tommy and Chuck as well as an autographed copy of "Styx II" signed by just JY. Both have been professionally framed and hang over my desk as I type this letter.

I have mixed feelings about Dennis' departure from the band. I feel without Dennis, the band would have never achieved the status they have today. But, the new lineup has a re-newed "power" about them that I saw in the "Kilroy" concert but I did not see in the 1996 shows. I am interested in this new release I have heard about. I will give the new tracks a listen with an open mind when the album finally comes out. A brave new world for a brave old Styx fan!

- Marshall

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I was introduced to Styx originally as a little girl. I have a brother ten years older who was in a band. He shared his love of music with me, and while many other kids my age were listening to nursery rhymes, I was being exposed to bands like REO Speedwagon, Rush, Kansas, and Styx. Styx became a quick favorite of mine, mostly because they were a favorite of his. He showed me what a wonderful escape music could be.

Growing up, we had the misfortune of having my mother's parents living with us for a number of years. My grandparents were absolutely evil people and made everyone around them miserable. Having them in our home meant our lives were filled with chaos and abuse that took many forms. My grandfather began sexually abusing me shortly before I started kindergarten, and that continued for about six years when they moved out of our home. Music became my only salvation. I could get lost in it.

Out of fear, I refused to tell anyone what had happened to me. Although the abuse had ended, I suffered severe depression, flashbacks, and panic attacks. I finally decided that there was no other choice, I had to end my life. I just couldn't deal with the craziness anymore.

I began to plan. I was very meticulous about it. I didn't want to louse it up and wind up living my life maimed because of a failed attempt. I also wanted to make sure that no member of my family had the chore of finding me. I went for a drive to try to think things through. It began first with a Damn Yankees tape and REALLY listening to "The Silence Is Broken". I heard a message in that. I wasn't sure it was a message I wanted. So I took that tape out and put in Return to Paradise and what do I hear, "On My Way".

My life took a major turn at that point. It sounds really hokey, but I finally realized I needed to come out in the open. I needed to tell someone my story and I needed to get help. I did tell my story and I did get help. Today my life isn't perfect and I still struggle with depression at times and sometimes things still seem crazy, but I'm here and it is better than I ever imagined.

I'll always be grateful for the gift my brother gave me in introducing me to music. I'm also grateful for people who I truly believe were inspired to share such a wonderful message.

- Anonymous

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Hello. I have loved Styx since the late 70s. In the early 80s, I had my first job, and money to buy Styx tickets for their shows in Chicago. I live in a suburb north of Chicago. So, I waited in line at Ticketmaster in the cold winter weather, and with only 3 people before me, the tickets sold out! :( Anyway, the week of their concerts, I happened to hear on the radio that more tickets were released for their shows. Wahoo!! Only catch was you had to drive to the auditorium in Chicago to get them. My mom would not let me drive into the city. I had just turned 16. So she had my stepdad take me. He dropped me off in front of the theatre, and told me since there were no parking places, he'd drive around the block and wait for me. So, I got my tickets, and waited…no stepdad. So I started walking in the direction he'd be driving from. I didn't realize it, but I was walking right past the backstage door. All of a sudden, someone starts walking towards me. Could it be? Tommy Shaw? NO WAY!!! He wouldn't just be out here, but it sure looked like him. I took a chance and asked him (I figured if it wasn't him, who cares if I looked like an idiot? No witness other than this lookalike that I'll never see again). Believe it or not, it WAS Tommy. Wow, he was SO NICE. He even invited me backstage for a sound check. DREAM COME TRUE. I sat right there and watched the sound check. Tommy was SO NICE. Oh boy, it's been one hour and my stepdad is STILL DRIVING. So, I politely explained this and left, but I did get an autograph. My stepdad thought I had been abducted! He yelled at me, but was glad I was ok, and glad I got to meet my idol. Story gets better. In Milwaukee a month later, Styx was playing a show, and I had tickets. I went with my mom and stepdad waiting in the car. (keep in mind it was 19 years ago). I talked to someone by the backstage door who told me where the band was staying. I went to the hotel. I was very nice and calm, and happened to talk to a security guard who showed me where Styx's manager, Jim Cahill, was sitting. I explained who I was, and that I had never got any pix when I met Tommy a month before and how I'd really like to see him again so I can get pix. Well, Jim Cahill was very nice. He took me into the back room where Tommy was partying. I got my pictures and talked to Tommy some more (he even remembered me, so he said). When Jim Cahill escorted me back out, he told me Tommy was not usually that nice to fans off the bat, but was friendlier to me because I bear a striking resemblance to his ex-wife...(I would LOVE to see a picture of her, I've never seen one). Strange, huh? Anyway, some friends of mine and I got backstage passes for their concert in Rockford 5 months after the Milwaukee incident. We got to meet the whole band except JY, but we DID get to meet JY's aunts! Anyway, I wanted to share this story, because Styx was such a big part of my teen years. I'm all grown up now, married with kids, and still listen to Styx music. My kids know them mostly as "The band Mom loved as a teenager". Also, their music was featured in Big Daddy and Freaks & Geeks. Cool. Nice to see the resurgence. Thanks for this website! It's nice to read other fans’ stories. If anyone knows where I can see a pic of Tommy's ex, please let me know.

- Darlene

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When I was in college, twins that lived down the hall from me were Styx fanatics. I had heard their music, but hadn't really given them much thought. Then the Grand Illusion album came out, and the twins played it constantly. I became hooked and went out and bought every Styx album I could find. I transferred to another college the next semester, and there I found another Styx fanatic. And best of all, Styx was coming to our college town for a concert. We camped out 2 nights to get tickets, and had great seats. About 2 weeks before the concert, it was cancelled. I never did hear the reason why, but it was in 1978 or 79. After they broke up, I lost track. I got busy with starting a career, getting married, and raising kids. Two years ago I heard they were coming to the Missouri State Fair with REO, and I had to go. I got tickets for me, my husband, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend at the time. On Wednesday before the Friday concert, my husband decided to go to the national Sprint Car races in Iowa leaving me with one extra ticket. I ended up taking both of my younger daughters, with my youngest having to sit on my lap, but we didn't do much sitting. I have brainwashed them. Whenever we get in the car, they want the Styx CD, and it doesn't matter which one. This weekend Styx and REO are back at the State Fair, and I will be there, too. My oldest daughter and her new boyfriend are going, too. I can't wait! The very next day they are performing in Washington, MO which is only 12 miles from my hometown! Of course I will be there, too, this time with my 2 youngest daughters. They can't wait either! None of their friends know who Styx is, but I've told them they could each invite a friend. he brainwashing will go on!

- Nancy

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My daughter Amy turned 7 in May 2002. I was suppose to take her to see Styx in Vegas the weekend of her birthday, but after the venue change, I just didn't think it was a safe place for a small child (or a mom whose attention was going to be on a particular blonde on stage!) So, I promised her two back-to-back shows in June.

The first show was on the 22nd, on an Army base. It was general admission, and we were the first ones there! We had to stand in the Arizona desert heat for two hours before they opened the gates. We took our places dead center. There was a barricade about 6 feet from the stage. We had to sit through a couple of other acts, and Amy almost fell asleep! I didn't think she was going to make it. Well the boys came out and she was wide awake! I had a dry-erase board that we had a lot of fun with. I wrote that this was Amy’s first Styx show, and Tommy saw it and came over smiled and waived at her. I had taken an incredible picture of Tommy on New Years Eve that I made into a t-shirt for Amy, and we took shirt paints and made hearts, and it was really cute. My older daughter had the idea of making one for Tommy too, so I did. We threw it on stage to him.

Amy was spoiled rotten…she got a pick from both Glen and Tommy! During Renegade, when Lawrence takes the Polaroid pictures, the security guard who was really cool took Amy over the barricade right to the stage, and she got a picture! At the end of the show, she also got a beach ball. She didn't think life could get any better!

Then came the next night...we had 11th row seats at a very small, intimate venue. My friend and I could see but our kids couldn't, so we sent them down the aisle and they knelt right at the foot of the stage. Glen and Tommy recognized them right off and came over and gave them both picks again. It was a great show! When it was over, we went out back to the buses and just waited. Finally Glen came out! He is soooo cool! He came over and signed the kids’ shirts and took a picture with them. Then Lawrence came out and did the same thing. During the show the kids were holding up a sharpie to Tommy. He knew they wanted him to sign the shirts, and I saw him mouth to them "later". So we waited and waited for him to come out. Finally out came JY, Todd, and Taylor, and then Tommy. Everyone went wild! They waived, but then headed straight for the bus. The security guard (they can be your best friends!) went to the bus, got on and told Tommy there were two kids out there whom he had promised he would sign their shirts. But the bus driver said they had to go, had a long drive to Denver. Oh well, maybe next time. She got closer the the Boyz on her first Styx weekend than many of us ever get to do. She is now the biggest 7 year old Styx fan anywhere!


A few of the online fans know how I feel about Tommy, so they will realize how much this night meant to me. I flew to L.A. for a show in Thousand Oaks on July 26. We had a table that was right on the stage, and my seat was about one foot in front of Tommy's mic! I knew right then this was going to be a night to remember. I was as decked out as I could get, a shirt cut down halfway to my bellybutton!! The Boyz came out, and I thought I was going to faint! During Tommy's first guitar break during Borrowed Time, he came right to me and had no choice but to see right down my shirt (no that wasn't planned, hmm hmm)! He then smiled at me and yelled "Oh Yeah!" I was in heaven.

During Grand Illusion when Tommy has the long guitar solo, he got right in front of his mic on his knees and played right in my face. I could feel him breathe on me. I got the most incredible picture that I have ever seen of him right then. I had to back up to take the picture, and as wonderful as that was, I wish I would have just stood there and soaked him all in, instead of trying to get that picture. I will probably never get that chance again.

The whole band seemed very comfortable with us. I think they tend to get that way after they have seen you at show after show. We had a lot of interaction with all of them. I got another pick from Glen, then finally one from JY! During Come Sail Away, Lawrence came over to me and he held my left hand, then he cupped my face while he sang to me…ooohhhhh, life is good! When they came back out for the encore, I asked Todd for a drum stick. He didn't have one with him, so he said "how about a towel?", and he threw it to me. It had the Styx logo embroidered in red, white and blue. The biggest surprise of the night was when Tommy came out for Tush, and he introduced Kevin Cronin, That was incredible. He was using Tommy's mic, so again he was right there. I got some great shots.

During a break in Renegade, I held up the towel to Tommy and he came over and leaned down to me so I could wipe his face. Yes, I slept with that towel all night long! After the show, Candi and I went out back (yes, we’re both Candi). Tommy's car was already gone, boo hoo, but Glen was there, being harassed by a really drunk woman, so he saw us as a kind of a rescue. We got a picture with him and he signed the picture he had taken with my daughter the month before. Then he got in his car and sped away while the drunk woman was pounding on his car windows! We went back in and got invited to the private backstage party in the green room!!!! Lawrence and JY were there, and they were so nice! It didn't seem like the type of place to take pictures though, not a place for "fans", so we just talked to them both. Lawrence also signed the picture he took with my daughter last month, too.

This was a night I will never forget for as long as I live. Hopefully someday, I will get that close to Tommy again. He is truly the love of my life!

- Candi

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I remember listening to the Pieces of Eight album and loving the songs Renegade, Blue Collar Man, and Sing for the Day. I thought Tommy was cute whenever I looked at his picture on the inside cover. I heard a few of their songs on the radio over the years, but I didn't give them much thought. Then I noticed how cute Tommy was again in 1990 when I saw the High Enough video by Damn Yankees. Whenever it came on, I stopped what I was doing and focused on the TV. Eventually I remembered he used to be in Styx and sang Renegade. At the same time, I was hearing songs from Edge of the Century on the radio and I thought Tommy was with them even though I knew he was with Damn Yankees. Then I lost track of him until 1997 when I saw the Return to Paradise special on VH1 and decided to watch it since nothing else was on. Once again, I noticed Tommy and was immediately hooked and have been ever since.

- Susan

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I have been a STYX fan for close to 20 years or so. I fell in love with Tommy when I first saw the band in concert during the Paradise Theater tour, then again for Mr. Roboto. I have also seen Tommy during his solo career. I have dreamed about meeting him, but no luck. I have seen his old house in Niles, Michigan, and my brother has met him!

I took my kids to a concert this past summer (2002) and they are now fans. My daughter tried to get a pick or something, but no luck. They threw them all around her but none to her. She was bummed. What is the best way to meet the band? I would love any suggestions!

Styx was a part of my wedding with "The First Time". It was a great song...too bad the marriage didn't last. The band got me through the divorce and many rough times, such as the thought of taking my own life. I finally decided it wasn't worth it. Thanks for having such a great site so people can see how the band is to them, and the hopes we all have of meeting these GREAT GUYS!

- Penny

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My Styx beginning started when I first heard “Arch Allies”. I knew who Styx was; this kid I knew played “Come Sail Away” for me in 1977. I was in high school, but I didn’t listen to them; don’t ask me why, I don’t know! Fast forward to 2000…I bought “Arch Allies” because REO Speedwagon was coming to Clio, Michigan. I got the CD and video and it changed my life! The first thing I noticed about Styx was a different key board player, so I found out why and realized I liked Lawrence better. The sound was great and they seemed to be a very “together” band. I wanted more Styx after that, so I bought more CD's and read up more on them. I finally saw them in August of 2001 and I was hooked for life! Styx fans are awesome! Thanks!

- Steve

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It started back in 1979. I moved back home after college. My little sister was well into the Disco scene. I bought my first STYX album, Equinox, curious for a sound other than Disco. Keep in mind I'm older and have a much better stereo system. As time marched on, I started to look into older stuff. For me, it's undeniable that it was voice of Dennis DeYoung that drew me to the group, and his harmonies with Tommy and JY were icing on the cake. As time went by, I started to relate to the words. They made sense to me and got me believing in myself and the dreams that I had and still have.

During that time, I spent my summers as a camp counselor. So when I could, I let mother nature and her pets in on my joy of STYX. In 1980, during Spring Break, there was a one week session at camp where I was asked work. During this time, I was leery because the radio had just announced the Paradise Theatre tour for St. Paul, Minnesota. The date and time would follow and also info were you could mail in your ticket request.

So there I go into the bush with a stamped envelope and a blank check. Keep in mind that this would be my first Styx concert! Well at the latter part of the week, I was getting stomach cramps. I thought it was due to extremely hard water and my system having a hard time to adjust. I agreed to go on a road trip with another counselor whose family lived in the Chicago area. On the way down there, I tried to flush my system out with good clean water. It didn't work. I was hospitalized with an acute gallbladder attack. To make a long story short, I caught an infection in the hospital and was there for 18 days after surgery.

When I was boarding for my plane ride home, I fished out my envelope for Styx tickets. THEN DEPRESSION SET IN. I thought that I was out of luck. When I got home, I turned on the radio and, bless my ears, they said they were still waiting for info on the Styx concert. Talk about running the gamut of emotions in one day! As it turned out, I got my tickets and was feeling better about my health.

Being the nice guy that I am, I bought a card for my doctor and the nursing staff, and a nurse wrote back thanking me. As the letters were exchanged, it turned out that she was aware of Styx or TW4 when they were a garage band. So we had a lot to write about. Eventually, our letters ended, but not my joy for Styx. The Paradise Theatre show was my first, and I have not missed a show within 100 miles from the Twin Cities area since! That is my story. I hope it was not too long because now I can feel Carpel Tunnel Syndrome setting in.

- Raul, aka poogs in Styxworld. poogs - don't ask! :)

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The energy exchanged at this particular rock concert left me with a lifetime addiction that infused my soul and infatuated my mind. From the moment I walked into the theater, the air felt electric, and my senses heightened. Goose bumps formed on my arms as I took in my surroundings.

The stage was visible, and illuminated just enough to give it an alluring glow. Light danced on the cymbals of the drums, as they beckoned their master to deliver them life. As I took my seat, my chest swelled with anticipation. I knew this somber looking stage would soon be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing sight that would infect the crowd, transform their mood, and cause them to be sucked into another realm where they would be prisoners for life.

The stage lights dimmed and the audience was left in complete darkness. The energy that once caused my chest to swell in pain had become a voice. I bolted from my seat to welcome the artists who were about to instill my soul with the potent sound of rock n’ roll music.

The darkness that once engulfed me was replaced with soft colored lights that illuminated the stage once again. They moved smoothly from one side of the stage to the other, creating a breathtaking display, which foretold of the mastery to follow. Haze in the air perfected the lights by giving them definition, but at the same time played with my mind as it cast deceiving shadows before my eyes. As I began to take pleasure in this hypnotic sight, I found myself suddenly surrounded by darkness. Silence overtook the audience as a loud, steady noise could be heard and the vibrations it caused could be felt.

The bass drum echoed through the air as it simulated the heartbeat of those who had come to be reborn. A spotlight, blinding the crowd, kept in perfect time with the drum. Voices cried out; the energy in the room was thick, and the wait was almost over.

The stage exploded! The performers went to work and connected with the crowd. They came to do a job, and they knew their job well. A voice called out from the stage through melody and words, but spoke to my soul and knew who I was. It told me a story and allowed me inside its world, while at the same time, it took a peek into mine, digging for lyrical inspiration. It knew what I thought, and what I felt. I took its energy as it yearned for mine. I gained energy from it as it exhausted my soul. A steady, smooth guitar riff comforted me as it knew it had forever changed me; I was at its mercy.

The night wound down, and I had a new appreciation for music. I could now breathe music like I breathe air. My emotions ran rampant, as I knew not whether to laugh or cry. I had been more than entertained; I had been taken on a journey.

- Crystal

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Let me see…

It was back in the summer of 2001 on a trip with my youth group to Denver. One of the guys in my van would want us to play Mr. Roboto and Come Sail Away continuously, so after awhile I really got into the songs, even though I didn't know who sang them. Several months later, I asked him who sang Come Sail Away and he said Styx. It was the first time I heard of the band, so I went to Kazaa to download Styx songs. I listened to most of them, not really getting into them much since I had only heard Come Sail Away and Mr Roboto.

Then I finally bought their Greatest Hits CD from Walmart. After getting bored with only the two songs knew, I listened to the others. That is when I started loving them more. I found their official site,, by accident I think, but I'm glad I found it.

Then I saw that one of their concerts was coming to a city near my town. I got so excited that I told my best friend, who also got into Styx. We were both smiling the whole time. Then our mission started to find tickets to the concert. I looked on for many days but couldn't buy any because I didn't have a credit card. My mom finally bought some for us. They were up in the upper bowl at the top...really bad seats...but the day before the concert, my friend called me about upgrading the tickets to 3rd row. By the time she called me and called the guy she knew who would upgrade our tickets, they were gone, so we got 11th row instead, which was awesome! I got a Styx shirt and my friend got one of Tommy's picks!! It was a great time!

Later, I bought their Cyclorama CD, which I love now. I also found all the songs to their Kilroy Was Here CD and made it myself. I also have some old concert videos for Blue Collar Man, Too Much Time On My Hands, Miss America, and Boat On The River. All of them are on Windows Media Player though.

So now Styx is a big part of my life even though I'm young...I still love them old guys. And you gotta admit, old guys can really rock it out!

- Katie

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